The Goals And Processes Of Inductive And Deductive Processes

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Contrast the goals and processes of inductive and deductive processes when it comes to the study of scripture.
The inductive and deductive processes are the methods that we apply to use our understanding and practice in studying scriptures in the bible. The goal of the inductive processes is to understand the particulars which is based on a set of conclusive ideas. In studying bible scriptures the goal is to engage and immerse ourselves in the words of what the bible scriptures is conveying to us. The induction process to studying scriptures “Is essentially a comprehensive, holistic study of the bible that takes into account every aspect of the existence of the biblical text and that intentional in allowing the Bible in its final canonical shape to speak to us on its own terms, thus leading to accurate, original, compelling, and profound interpretation and contemporary appropriation” (Bauer and Traina 2006, 7).
Acquiring the spiritual truth requires us to be motivated and disciplined in a manner that engages our spiritual connection to God in that “As Christian believers, we are convinced that the development of a methodical, inductive approach is the means of training the mind to become a more fit instrument for the operation of God’s spirit. Because biblical interpretation is to be valid…But the mind’s proper function is not automatic; therefore the mind needs to be trained, or it might become the means negating God’s spirit” (Bauer and Traina 2006, 10). In contrast,
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