The Goals And Statement Of DELCOM IT Company

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Table of Contents Statement of Confidentiality & Non-Disclosure 3 Executive Summary 4 Company Background 6 Our Services in General 7 Project Details 8 Goals and Objectives 8 Why choose DELCOM IT Company? 10 Benefits of Our Proposed Plan 10 Competitive Advantages 10 Conclusion 11 Statement of Confidentiality & Non-Disclosure This document contains proprietary and confidential information. All data submitted to UWUTU – Poly Chapter is provided in reliance upon its consent not to use or disclose any information contained herein except in the context of its business dealings. I Prince Chukambiri and the recipient of this document agree to inform present and future…show more content…
In order to attain the goal, the following objectives are to be achieved: a. We should be given an opportunity for a site visit that will assist us in coming up with the concrete user requirements for the specified project proposal. b. During the site visit we shall request to work hand in hand with the main players in the targeted section. We hope this is the only way that will help us gather more user requirements for project planning. The Business case Once the site visit is done and all the necessary information for the project is gathered; Delcom IT shall then provide Nico General Insurance Company with the following information pertaining to the project 1. Identification of needs Delcom shall provide Nico General Insurance Company with the necessary information and all the requirements for the project to commence.  General Requirements  Technical Requirements  Reporting / Monitoring Methods  Evaluation Methods  Timeline Requirements  Cost Requirements 2. The Project Team 3. The Project
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