The Goals For The West Saginaw Bay Watershed

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Priority Goals:
The goals for the West Saginaw Bay Watershed are based on the past studies conducted in the watershed. The goals are aimed at protecting the water quality and wildlife habitat and address the resource concerns of the watershed. Milestones were identified indicating the steps needed to reach the objective. Implementing most objectives requires a combination of three types of activities:
Implementing structural and/or vegetative Best Management Practices (BMPs)
Reviewing and modifying existing projects, programs and ordinances
Designating and implementing education and information activities

(Educational efforts will be an ongoing effort due to lack of cooperation by certain individuals)

The following goals are broken
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Secure 5 easements per year in watershed.
Key Partners: Saginaw Bay Land Conservancy, HeadWaters Land Conservancy
Conservancies meet to discuss priorities and opportunities for collaboration
Target outreach program to key landowners
Meet with interested landowners and develop permanent deed restrictions
Cost: Approximately $20,000/yr
Provide sample ordinance language to local planning commissions that incorporates the principles the principles of Better Site Design & Low Impact Development. Conduct at least 5 presentations per year on this topic during part of regular planning commission meetings.
Key Partners: Huron Pines (coordinating with help from outside consultants)
Review local ordinances to identify gaps
Provide sample ordinance language to planning commissions
Actively promote modern solutions including low impact development principles, site plan reviews, schematics, etc.
Highlight regional planning success stories
Promote rural community character of the watershed
Conduct presentations at township, county and planning commission meetings
Make information accessible via internet
Cost: Approximately $2,500/yr
Provide training for planning and zoning commissioners on issues related to watershed protection. Continue to offer programs every year.
Key Partners: MSU Extension, Huron Pines

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