The Goals Of A College Curriculum

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The Manner in which Takaki Brings about the Goals of a College Curriculum There are a significant number of goals that are essential for a college curriculum. In order to be a successful student in college, a college curriculum gives individuals an opportunity to explore themselves and the people around them, and it also shows them how to be independent so that they can be able to cope and successfully accomplish these goals to prepare themselves for their future lives. For example, skills, such as discipline, creative skills, confidence, accountability, perseverance, responsibility, flexibility, and independence will very much help one to be able to successfully work at a job. As a result, the person will make money to provide for his…show more content…
According to Jonathan Brennan, professor of English at Mission College, through A Different Mirror and the history of these people that helped shape American history, students can have a more accurate understanding of who they are and where they have come from. First and foremost, there are two particular chapters in this book that have greatly helped me in reaching these goals of a college curriculum. For instance, in chapter nine, called “The ‘Indian Question’,” Takaki addresses the terrifying acts that were placed upon the Indians. After reading this very unfamiliar and uncomfortable chapter, it has, in reality, greatly changed my thinking patterns. For example, I became completely shocked and horrified of all the cruelties that many different races did to each other, for they would brutally and mercilessly kill women, children, and even babies. One of the Indians who was in the midst of the chaos and catastrophe said, “My son who was two years old was shot in the mouth that later caused his death” (Takaki 230). As a result, I became very skeptical on what the English at that time were trying to accomplish, for they actually caused great harm and distress. I also was in the process of critical thinking because I just could not comprehend why the English took these bizarre and horrendous actions. I thought to
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