The Goals Of A Psycho Education Group

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The goal of a psycho-education group is to provide education, support, and direction for the purpose of understanding the problem concerns and how to lessen the effects of the here and now as well as the future. It is a therapeutic approach under the guidance of a trained mental health professional. Psychoeducational groups are beneficial in a group setting for providing greater awareness and understanding of a participant’s problem. The groups are structured sessions with specific learning outcomes identified for each session, closed and time limited. In 1975, Ivan Yalom identified eleven therapeutic factors that affect change in a client. These factors are as the following: altruism, group cohesiveness, universality, interpersonal learning – input interpersonal learning – output, imparting, information/guidance, catharsis, identification, family reenactment, self-understanding, installation of hope, and existential factors (Yalom, 2005). According to Yalom, the importance of various therapeutic factors depends on the type of the group therapy practiced. Summary Group therapy is used widely in the treatment and education of substance abuse. Different types of group therapy that works for substance abusers. Psychoeducation therapy and CBT is more beneficial for substance abuse users than other therapy groups. It works best with people who are in denial of substance abuse use, newly recovered addicts, clients who need additional support to assist in
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