The Goals Of An Introductory Course Within Any Subject Field

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The goal of an introductory course within any subject field is an ambitious one indeed: to introduce a group of students to a novel field of study. While that may seem simply accomplished, its complexity is borne out within its application. For instance, the field of philosophy represents a multitude of subcategories ranging from metaphysics to jurisprudence. However, within an introduction to philosophy course, instructors compress this ostensibly infinite subject matter into a finite number of weeks. So too, in the field of public administration that encompasses every corner of the body politic. That said, what utility is gained from such an extreme compression of information? I argue that the introduction to different divisions and different methodologies within a field of study helps establish foundational principles within the minds of those students. Within our exploration into the introductory themes within public administration, we have been exposed to concepts that, I believe, are significant principles in an overarching understanding of the field. The principles are as follows: the differentiation of the public and private sector, the political nature of public administration, the intergovernmental environment of public administration, the variation in organizing within public organizations, and the role of ethics within public organizations. What follows is a brief elucidation of these concepts and their utility to frontline administrators.
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