The Goals Of Developmental Psychology

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In the field of developmental psychology, the goals of developmental scientist are to understand, describe, and explain human growth and how it changes across an individual 's lifespan. The way some of us think is highly superficial. Some of us tend to not question what exactly makes someone turn out the way they are. Essentially this calls upon developmental scientist to provide a studies on the variety of changes a person can go through and how that impacts them overall. Also, these types of scientists systematically observing the multitude of aspects that can sculpts a person 's life. There are many theories that are questioned in this field of work, so it is developmental scientist’s jobs to uncover these mysteries. One of the many ways some scientist will seeks these questions is by using descriptive research in order to describe a phenomenon. During a scientists developmental research there is a multitude of aspects that need to be put into consideration. Such things are age-related changes and stabilities. Ways such as cross-sectional, longitudinal, and sequential research have the ability to add an additional layer to the design in which they wish to research. Furthermore, performing a cross-cultural type of research aids in broadening the countless ways to research human development by examining the relationships of cultures and the behavioral patterns they exhibit. Apart from gaining knowledge about one 's lifespan, other major factors that developmental
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