The Goals Of Education And Becoming A Teacher

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Becoming a teacher is so much more challenging than people perceive it to be. Most candidates looking to go into teaching have not considered why they are going into the profession in the first place. Many have been pushed in the direction of teaching or haven’t figured out what else they want to do and they end up here. There are all different qualities that make up the foundation of the teaching experience such as passion, commitment, responsibility, patience and communication. In my life, I want to accomplish making a difference in the world by helping children use their thinking and communicating skills in order to grow and develop themselves by dreaming big and working hard. Studying Education and entering the teaching profession will help me accomplish this goal not only for my life but for the children’s too.

As a child, working and playing with little kids has always been a huge passion of mine. Growing up, I always looked after and protected my little brother. Once we began to get older and he was able to watch over himself at times, I began providing child care by babysitting other parent’s children. Working and helping children are such a big part of my life and will always be. My summer job at an amusement park has all different camps and schools that come every single day so they’re always around me. My favorite part of working with kids is that they are all so different and unique in their own way. It’s fascinating getting to know each one of them
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