The Goals Of Mis Courses

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1. What were the goals all MIS courses you took had in common for your learning experience? (Some goals are similar or common among the MIS courses, but some goals are unique to a particular course.)
The MIS program provides the students with a variety of courses, each with something unique to offer. The major common goal that all the MIS courses provide is development of cognitive thinking in an individual and training him/her in a way where they can use this cognitive thinking to make strategic and operational decisions. These courses not only provide technical knowledge, but also help one in developing their interpersonal skills and working in a team environment. The courses like Management Information System and Managerial Decision Support Systems provide the basic foundation for the coursework. The courses like Management of Database Systems, Data-Warehousing and Information Security provide the technical skills which are needed in an Information Technology environment. Along with these, courses like Project and Change Management and System Analysis and Design (SAD) focus towards project management and system designing. The SAD coursework inculcates strong analytical skills and the ability to negotiate in an organization. I was totally new to technical writing and creation of business process. The courses of Business Process Modelling & IT Governance, Business Process Management & Innovation and Capstone provide the skills to look at the Information Technology Industry…
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