The Goals Of Poetry Therapy

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“ People who read poetry have heard about the burning bush ,but when you write poetry, you sit inside the burning bush ’’- Li-young lee . Which means that for the people who write poetry, it is their heart and soul and even their pain they use poetry as a way to let out their frustrations.which brings us to the the point of this paper which is that Poetry Therapy is Just as beneficial as other types of (emotional) therapy.Through its benefits, types and effects on people,and their connections ,emotional poetry helps people. “Poetry therapy is a relatively new field of psychotherapy. It uses poetry and similar media to facilitate discussions about personal issues, usually but not always limited to and group settings . The goals of poetry therapy are to develop accuracy and understanding in perceiving self and others, and to develop creativity, self-expression, and greater self-esteem.”- NAPT. Poetry is also a way to strengthen interpersonal and communication skills , “to ventilate overpowering emotions and release tension and find a new meaning through new ideas, insights, and information. Lastely poetry therapy also helps promote change and increase coping skills and adaptive functions”-Nicki Chang . Meanwhile the goal of other types of emotional therapy are to help individuals achieve a remission of their disorder and to prevent relapse. “Much of the work in sessions involves aiding individuals in solving their real-life problems and teaching them to modify their
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