The Goals Of Social Work

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1. What is social work? Social work is a broad field that supports individuals, groups and communities of people by addressing issues that may interfere with living healthy and fulfilling lives. A few of the issues social workers address are addiction, trauma, poverty, abuse and mental illness, criminal justice, education, social justice, healthcare, employment, food and housing. The goal of social work practice (micro/macro) is to hopefully give clients, groups of people and communities the resources they need to maintain change through reducing risk factors and increasing/strengthening protective factors.
2. What does a social worker do?
Social workers are involved in various systems. At the micro level, social workers can act as therapists, case managers and care coordinators to the clients they directly serve individually or in a group setting. A micro level social worker may diagnose and treat mental illnesses and substance misuse, evaluate and intervene in family dynamics and improve clients’ coping skills. Social workers often make referrals to other helping professionals and may assist their clients with keeping appointments or transportation.
Macro level social workers tend to be the supervisors of micro level social workers, program managers, administrators, policy makers, grant writers, CEOs of organizations and community leaders. Macro level social workers primarily work indirectly with clients, but work within the systems in which clients are
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