The Goals Of The Feminist And Women'S Rights Movements

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The goals of the feminist and women 's rights movements are first to create equality amongst all people. All people are deserving of quality health care, unconditional love and mutual respect. Human rights are at the heart of women 's issues, whether you are a woman, man or child, everyone, is entitled to basic human rights as individuals. As a marginalized section of the population, women should be interested in the elimination of patriarchal ideologies and systems that continually seep into middle America. As women we must practice and support the feminist movement throughout the world. For even, if one woman is disregarded, we are all collectively disregarded as a movement and as a force that can emit change.
The National
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The world is a global community where one environment effects another. It is a cascading effect where one community connects into another just as a lake connects in to the river system, river systems connect into vast expanses of oceans and seas. Interconnection is key to global success.
In the excitement of it all, let us not lose sight of the goal. There is always the exception as in Abina. Abina is sent to live with Quamina Eddoo 's sister, Eccoah, who, to an extent, was also a part of the slave trade. Eccoah took on the role of master so she would not be but allowed to rule over others. Individual ethics and commitments as stated in the charter are basic human rights that all people should aspire to. Although, Albina is devastated when told the verdict, she secured a huge victory for all women! She set in motion a new precedent within the courts. A precedent that would consider accepting women as an agency, women as self-sufficient and women as decision makers. Albina has been confident in herself as a person, not just a woman. Abina may not have won the judgment in the courts she had hoped for but by daring to come up against her aggressors she is victorious for all womanhood!
Unlike the other two documents written for women and by women the China National Program for Women’s
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