The Goals Of The Partido Para La Mejora Y El Avance De Espana

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Introduction This manifesto is an outline of the goals of the Partido para la Mejora y el Avance de España, or the PMAE, to help create a new, more advanced Spain. The PMAE feels that significant change is necessary to help Spain move forward following the collapse of the Franco regime. PMAE is a liberal political party, with the aim of regenerating Spain, economically, politically and socially. The PMAE is looking to create reforms in many areas of Spanish society, but is focused on four main issues - 1) the improvement of the economy, especially following the devastating oil crisis; 2) improving foreign relations, especially in regards to joining the EU and NATO; 3) immigration, emigration, and equal rights for those in Spain - both…show more content…
It is the goal of the PMAE to reverse this decline and bring the growth rates of industry and tourism back to their previous standing. A change in the economic system in Spain, including a transformation to a capitalist economy is vital for the improvement of Spain’s financial situation. Another measure to decrease the deficit lies in changing the taxation system. A reduction in consumption tax and the introduction of income tax will bring about a more equal distribution of wealth throughout the country of Spain. The PMAE also plans to devalue the peseta in an effort to slow inflation rates. Capitalist Economy Under the Franco regime, the economy was based on the model of autarky (Lieberman, 1995, p. 17), or the idea of self sufficiency within the country. During this time, our economy was fairly closed off to the rest of the world. The PMAE plans to change this model, and introduce a system of capitalism. We believe that trade with other countries will be fiscally beneficial, as well as improve international relations by showing that Spain wants to interact with other countries, instead of being closed off as we previously were. A new system of capitalism will help to lessen the debt of the country, and will help pull Spain out of its current recession. Taxation Currently, Spain taxes consumers based on a consumption tax (Lieberman, 1995, p. 20). While this is effective to an extent, further measures need to be taken to reduce the
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