The Goals Of The Research

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Research Goals The goals of the research is to understand the topic deeply and then understand the issues related with the topic. The extensive research and literature review will give knowledge on the subject so that the solutions to the problems can be found out. In this research proposal, it will just give a detailed outline of the topic and future research. Background Information and communication technologies have become advanced and efficient in last few decades. The improvement is radical and it has made the broadband technologies and internet more robust and wide spread. Internet has become an integral part of any communication technology. It carries various type of information and offers different type of network services. The speed of data transmission has also improved. Now a days, Internet can be accessed from any smart phone, PDA, laptop, computer and several other smart devices. Wireless internet connection through wireless LANs at public places like airports, stations etc. All these have led to the wireless mesh network. (Shigeto Tajima and Nobuo Funabiki) Wireless mesh network is a topic that is being studied and researched in academia and industry extensively. This has added mobility to access to the Internet. In a wireless mesh network, the nodes are interconnected through some predefined set of gateways. Gateways are same as other nodes with some special features. A wireless mesh network consists of several multihop and wireless routers. These routers

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