The God Day And Night

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According to Scripture, we see a vast gathering around the throne of God serving the Lord day and night (Revelation 7). We also have an enemy that appears before the throne of God day and night. The Bible says in Revelation 12:10 in the King James Version that Satan accuses us day and night, "for the accuser of our brethren is cast down, which accused them before our God day and night" looking for some fault with which to charge us as guilty. Where the angels and the host of heaven come to serve the Lord day and night, Satan comes to accuse us day and night. The Greek definition of the word “accuser” is a verb (an action word) which means; 1. to accuse a. before a judge: to make an accusation b. of an extra-judicial accusation This…show more content…
to arouse, cause to rise a. to arouse from sleep, to awake b. to arouse from the sleep of death, to recall the dead to life c. to cause to rise from a seat or bed etc. d. to raise up, produce, cause to appear 1. to cause to appear, bring before the public 2. to raise up, stir up, against one 3. to raise up i.e. cause to be born 4. of buildings, to raise up, construct, erect There are some interesting things I see here is this prim root definition of “accuser” which is the Greek word “Egeiro.” This is a verb where you can see much action taking place. I will take you behind the scenes into the unseen realm and explain what God has revealed to me that this is. Here you have Satan who is aroused from sleep. Something caused him to arise. He was lying down at our feet because of the blood of Jesus in which we have forgiveness of sin, subdued and rendered powerless. For example, when we gave our hearts to the Lord, we confessed our sins and asked God’s forgiveness and we were cleansed by the blood of the Lamb. If this is true, how can Satan be aroused again to rise against us? It is simple. When we initially got saved, our sins were cleansed, and we entered the Kingdom of Heaven. Does that mean we will never sin again? No. It means we don’t have to be a slave to sin. When we do sin, before or after salvation, the accusations still come. When we pray and confess our sins and
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