Essay on The God-Is-Dead Theology

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LIBERTY UNIVERSITY THE GOD-IS-DEAD THEOLOGY A RESEARCH PAPER SUBMITTED TO DOCTOR RICHARD ELLIGSON PROFESSOR OF THEOLOGY IN CANDIDACY FOR THE DEGREE OF MASTER OF CHURCH MINISTRY BY EL-FATIH J. AJALA (25927535) THEO 510 LUO LYNCHBURG, VIRGINIA JULY 21, 2013 Introduction Paul Enns in his book The Moody Handbook of Theology states of theologians who profess this theology, “deny all forms of traditional ontology and allow for no sovereign and unconditioned Being but only a ‘God’ who at some point in the dialectic wills His own self-annihilation” and that, “man must learn to live without God.”[1] The lack of…show more content…
Of importance to the world is feeding hungry as well as setting the prisoners free, however, not at the expense of their eternal salvation. When the world is all that matters, yes, God will be dead. “When temporal things are all that matter,” states Mariette Ulrich, “we deny the resurrection, without which the cross makes no sense. Suffering is no longer redemptive, but intrinsically evil, and must be stamped out, by whatever means.”[2] In his article in the Journal of Ecumenical Studies Kenneth Rose declares, “Creative religious thought today is unlikely to result from calls to return to the Bible or Christian theology. More likely are spiritual and philosophical movements that return to what one contributor here calls ‘Being itself’ and another calls ‘fullness.”[3] Is God dead? According to Altizer and Hamilton, “the vital God of their Christian faith has died and if they are different from other people of our time it is only in their awareness of what has happened to God and in their honesty in admitting that this has happened.”[4] However, of particular note is that it is only the ‘Christian’ experience that could afford someone the ability to actually experience the death of God. After all, how can one experience the death of that which, by their own admission (being an atheist), does not exist? God is dead. God remains dead. And we have killed him. Yet his shadow
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