The God Of Israel : A Paradoxical Mystery

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The God of Israel: A Paradoxical Mystery In a world of such a variety of worldviews and religions, it appears difficult to be convinced that when one religion claims to have a unique and discrete Supreme Presence, God, that it is justified in saying so. However, the God of the Jewish people presents a few different reasons to be distinguished and honored because of how He appears to His people. Before going into depth about the distinguishing characteristics of Yahweh, it is important to lay out the paradigms associated with the characteristics of the various other gods at the time of Moses and the significant imparting of the Ten Commandments by God on the Jews. Overall, there appears to be a paradox associated with the desired acknowledgement of Yahweh by the Jewish people, where His very name, embodied in the Tetragrammaton, is holy and mysterious, and yet His desire is that His people follow Him and Him only with this limited knowledge (Pitts, Module 4). In this paper, I hope to examine the general ideas associated with what the Israelites had been tempted to follow as their deity, what other deities existed and how they compared with Yahweh, and what made Yahweh particularly distinct as a deity. To start to gain an understanding of Yahweh’s distinguished character, it is important to first look at what the Jews, as humans, desired to worship and follow. Fundamentally as humans, the Jews hoped to follow someone seen, and Moses in part certainly acted as that
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