The God Of Small Things By Amitabh Roy Essay

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I decided to read The God of Small Things because I was interested in learning more about the Indian culture. Although the majority of my family was brought up in the culture, I was still intrigued to understand how my lifestyle differed from traditional Indian values. Before choosing a book to read for this class, I wanted to find one that would expand my knowledge in a variety of ways by the use of important key topics which were discussed in lectures. Furthermore, prior to reading The God of Small Things, I knew very little about how the caste system worked and the colonial legacy, therefore I knew that reading the novel would explain how both factors impacted India and the people that follow the Indian culture. The God of Small Things written by Amitabh Roy outlines three important themes which link to the lectures. One theme which is presented in the book is the caste system. The caste system is commonly used because of the poverty. One of the biggest contributors to poverty is overpopulation. The second theme that is outlined in the book is the whole idea about colonial legacy and communism which is explained when India got their independence. The third theme which is illustrated through the novel is the oppression of women. Throughout the novel, women are portrayed as inferior to men which impact the country as it shows a lack of equality.
The first theme that is evident in the novel is the caste system. The caste system is defined as levels of hereditary classes of
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