The God Of Small Things

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Throughout the God of Small Things, the author develops a romantic relationship between Velutha and Ammu. The author was able to build on this relationship given that the two characters hardly interact with each other due to their caste and race. Within this relationship, it is shown that Velutha is the God of Small Things. Velutha is believed to be the God of Small Things as he is the pivotal character of Ammu’s dream and her love interest. Velutha is suggested to be the God of Small Things according to Ammu: “Strangely, the person that Margaret Kochamma never thought about was Velutha. Of him she had no memory at all. Not even what he looked like. Perhaps this was because she never really knew him, nor ever heard what happened to him. The God of Loss. The God of Small Things.” (pg. 250). Based on this description, Ammu believes that Velutha is her desired lover. Ammu, however, cannot be with Velutha. Given that Velutha is an Untouchable, a particular group represented as the lowest in the caste system in India, Ammu believes that no one would approve the two as lovers. In the beginning of Chapter 11, it is said that: “If he held her, he couldn’t kiss her. If he kissed her, he couldn’t see her. If he saw her, he couldn’t feel her.” (pg. 205), which gives insight to the unlikely possibility of Ammu and Velutha being lovers. The relationship between these two characters is indicated as the “big things” created by the “small things” mentioned throughout the book (i.e., events

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