The God Of Small Things

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The God of Small Things (TGOST) by Arundhati Roy and Tiny Sunbirds Far Away by Christie Watson are two novels set in societies where females are significantly of lesser value and oppressed by male figures. TGOST is an Indian novel following the Ipe family and their interactions during adverse situations. Tiny Sunbirds Far Away shows the struggles that Blessing and her family endure when moving from their wealthy apartment in Lagos to a complex in countryside Nigeria. Through their respective novels, Roy and Watson explore the detrimental effects the dominance males have over women both in family and society have on a female’s identity. Such effects are revealed through spousal issues between the older generation, the dependency that women have on men and the unequal treatment of children in a family.

In Roy and Watson’s representations of marital relationships between the elderly, the audience is provided with an insight into the roles of male and female in the family and how it effects women. In TGOST, Roy illustrates the physical and cruel dominance that males had over women in 1960s India. More specifically, the abusive relationship between Pappachi and Mammachi that began when Mammachi’s new pickling business took off. Pappachi was retired and “He slouched around the compound in his immaculately tailored suits, weaving sullen circles around mounds of red chillies and freshly powdered yellow turmeric, watching Mammachi supervise the buying, the weighing, the salting and

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