The God Of This New World

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That 's right. I am Kira. So now... what? Are you going to kill me right here? I 'm Kira. And... the god of this new world. In this world, I am the law, and I am the one maintaining order. That is the truth. Now, I am justice. The world 's only hope. Are you going to kill me? Is that really the right thing to do? Capturing Kira. That may have been the just thing to do in the past. But now, it 's obviously evil. The mentality of the world has changed. Are you sure you want to capture Kira just for your own satisfaction? It 's been six years since Kira first appeared. War is a thing of the past, most of the criminals have died, and the world 's crime rate has gone down by 70 percent. But... the world is still rotten. There are too many rotten people, so we must get rid of them. Humans have the right to pursue happiness and be happy. But because of a handful of rotten people, that right is easily snuffed. This is no accident. It is inevitable as long as those rotten people are alive. From the moment I got hold of that notebook... No, even before that, the world had fallen as far as it could fall, and humans had rotted as much as they could rot. It all boils down to those who interfere with people 's pursuit of happiness or those who did not. Those who are worthy of living and those who are not... Evil only gives birth to evil. And if those wicked people commit sins and run wild, then the weak will learn to commit crimes, and even try to justify their actions in the
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