The God of Small Things

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"The Gods of Small Things," written by Arundhati Roy, tells the story about an Indian family, forbidden love, and horrors during the upbringing of twins Estha and Rahel. It is a sad but humorous story of a peculiar family in India, the West 's intrusion, and the caste systems terrifying regime. The family we follow is a family that is pretty well off. They own a small factory, Paradise Pickles and Preserves, where they have workers who are of lower caste.
The twins Estha and Rahel have always felt like they belonged together. Their inner is in some way linked as if they belonged to a rare species of Siamese twins, physically separate, but with coadunate identities. They have reached an age of 31, and after her divorce, Rahel returns to
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No one informs Esta about her death.
The God of Small Things gives a good description of what it might have been in India during the 60s and 70s, and how it might still be today. Described is a horrible tragedy in a family, a family that will never fully recover from the injuries made. Back in Ammu’s childhood home they live with their blind grandmother, mammachi, and their uncle Chacko. Chacko is Mammachi 's and Pappachi 's only son. He is a Communist. He took over Paradise Pickles & Preserves from Mammachi. Mammachi is unhappily married to Pappachi, Estha 's and Rahel 's grandfather, who beats her. Chacko’s former wife, Margaret Kochamma, returns to Ayemenem after many years of absence. With her she has her and Chacko’s daughter Sophie Mol; the twins ' long-awaited cousin. Sophie looks quite Western compared to the rest of the family with her light eyes and skin. The cousins, however, barely have time to get to know each other before the tragedy is a fact. All because of love between two people. Forbidden love. What unfolds in 1969 changes people 's lives in an instant, and a family goes into pieces. Everything roots in Sophie Mol 's death and the events surrounding it. As Sophie joined the twins running away, after Ammu insulted them, their boat capsizes in the river and she drowned.
This wonderful, hellish life is described in smallest detail, which makes you wish for a place you have never been, and to a life you have not, and will never experience. I
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