The God 's Call Of God

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take inventory of where he stood in answering the call of God. Surely, he and his wife stood trembling among the fig trees, with a sentence of death upon them, in their own religious covering of fig leaves, yet naked before the justice of God that sees and knows everything. Now, with their God-given free will, they had to make a decision to accept or to reject God 's call. Adam heard God 's call and responded. The Holy Spirit drew them to answer the call. Because of the Holy Spirit 's convincing and convicting power bringing about repentance, Adam and Eve knew that it would be in their best of interest to follow God 's call. God received and restored their fellowship. Since Adam, is representative of mankind, what held true for him…show more content…
When a child sins, God immediately goes after the child and draws the child toward Him, just as He did with Adam. The Holy Spirit works in the child’s life, drawing the will to make a choice of acceptance or rejection of salvation by grace through faith, and not of works that will not save. Adam heard God in the garden, was afraid, and hid (Genesis 3:10). Even though he repented, Adam still retained his sinful corrupt nature, making an excuse and put the blame on his wife, and his wife passed on the blame to Satan (Genesis 3:12,13). Before Adam fell he was in the will of God, but now must learn to walk in the will of God, shunning his sinful nature. No one is saved by works, but all are saved by grace through faith, working because they are saved and not to obtain salvation. God in His Mercy and Grace made coats of skins and clothed Adam and his wife (Genesis 3:21). Adam had a new covering for his new nature to help keep his old nature from going astray. God knew that he would fall short in his life, and He gave His Only Begotten Son, the Lord Jesus Christ to be his Righteousness and his Saviour (Jeremiah 23:6; John 3:16). Christ was not even born of flesh and blood at this time. Christ was in Heaven with God the Father and God the Holy Ghost enjoying fellowship together but was still
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