The Goddess Of The Harvest

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Taylor Textor Coach Kendrick English II April 6, 2016 Powerful Women Do you know who the supreme goddess is? Or the goddess of the harvest? What about the goddess of love? Most goddesses are symbolized by and associated with fertility and marriage but very few with power and war. Although there are many Greek goddesses, Hera, Demeter, and Aphrodite are three of the most important. Hera is the wife of Zeus. She is the goddess of women and marriage and also known as the most matron goddess. Hera considered the lion, the cow, and the peacock scared. She is often portrayed as majestic and solemn. A pomegranate is the symbol of fertile blood and death, Hera is often shown holding up a pomegranate. Juno is considered Hera’s counterpart…show more content…
Hera is intertwined throughout mythology. When Alcmene becomes pregnant with Heracles, Hera tried to tie her legs in knots to prevent the birth. Alcmene’s servant, Galanthis, lied to Hera and told her that the baby had already been born. When Hera found out about the deception, she turned Galanthis in to a weasel. Later, while Heracles was still an infant, Hera sent two serpents to kill him. His nurse found him with a single snake in each hand squeezed to death. Another time, he was on a quest and she sent amazon’s to attack him. In another account, Zeus had tricked Hera into nursing Heracles. When Hera realized who he was, she ripped him off of her breast. Upon his removal, a spurt of her breast milk shot and was smeared across the sky. These attacks continued until some myths state that he saved her. Porphyrion was a giant that tried to rape Hera and Heracles saved her. Some myths state that she even gave her daughter, Hebe, to Heracles to be his bride. Hera has showed in many myths how vengeful she could be, either by killing, torturing, or turning the subject into something else. In one account, Zeus deeply loved Lamia (queen of Libya). Hera turned her into a monster and killed their children. Gerana, the queen of Pygmies, once bragged that she was more beautiful than Hera. In response, Hera turned Gerana in to a crane. Hera has her most dominant role in the epic poem, The Illiad. Demeter is known as the goddess of
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