The Goddesses : The Gods

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Distinctly, the goddesses designated in this chapter occur in the midst of the earliest pagan deities indicated in numerous ancient writings; particularly, the ones frequently linked to the land of Canaan. In fact, several of the goddesses that promoted idolatry and prostitution exist unequivocally in the King James Version of the Bible, such as Ashtoreth, Diana and Lilith. Although, the word ‘prostitute’ exists merely once (Lev 19:29), still, prostitution happens to become identified with various words; such as “whore(s), whoredom(s), harlot(s), pollute or polluted;” (which can mean prostitute) that encounters being referenced frequently. Intrinsically, the prophets of the Bible caution against whoring after the other gods and goddesses; whereby, the cult prostitutes developed among the numerous idols the Israelites lusted after. In addition, the term ‘goddess’ takes place only five times in the manuscript; however, there occurs various terminology used to reference her high existence. The word abomination(s) has several meanings, but essentially leans toward disgust. Conspicuously, Joseph Campbell in the “Power of Myth,” with Bill Moyers states, “The term for the Canaanite goddess that occurs in the Old Testament is [abomination].” (The word appears 152 times, with additional variations.) In addition, from the beginning to the end the Bible’s reference on the abomination evokes an unclean association with someone or something outside their belief in God’s holiness. In

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