The Godfather Movie Review Essay

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Sarah Kull
Contemporary Literature
18 October 2014
Film Review The film, The Godfather, was released on March 24, 1972. The time period that the movie was set in was 1945, which was the time period of the Mafia. This film is based around two families fighting throughout the film. One of the main characters, Michael Corleone, changes throughout the movie deciding whether or not he should join in on the family business and take his fathers position (Vito Corleone) as Godfather. As a viewer, I did not enjoy this film due to the darkness and wickedness behind it. Although, many believe it to be one of the greatest movies of all time, in my opinion, the film was not a success.
The producer and director, Francis Ford Coppola is known
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Color being one element, was really used in the film helped and played a major role to help the viewer see the obscurity and wickedness that lied within all of the characters. The colors were used to also manipulate the way your mood fluctuated throughout the movie. Another strong element used was the set design. The set was used to show what time period the movie was set in, but also where the Mafia was mainly located throughout the movie. The dialogue furthermore showed and helped the viewer really get the feel of where the characters are from, and their culture. The costumes additionally played a major role in showing where the characters were from in the movie. The costumes helped audiences get the full ambiance of the time period and moods of the characters. Also, there are many scenes in the movie that make you anxious and on the edge of your seat. A specific example would be the scene of the shooting of Sollozo and Mcclusky. This scene makes you question many things and you do not know what is happening when Sollozo is speaking in Italian, which just adds suspense to the viewer’s emotions. The camera pans out of Michael’s face and then, BOOM! Sollozo and Mcclusky are dead. This is just one of the scenes that kept you in the verge of your seat and through all of these elements, there was a permutation that worked in harmony to make

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