The Godfather Movie Review

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The success or failure of the film depended on who played the Godfather and therefore it was the first role cast. Francis Ford Coppola and his producers were looking for someone special. Despite wanting to cast unknowns for the movie, they felt it necessary to make an exception here.

“The part called for a rare blend of talent: an actor who could convey a quiet authority with an undercurrent of power and violence, who could portray a loving father with the command of a president and the humility of a peasant, and who could also project an unforgettable presence on screen." (Pg 45-46)

This last part was a key point. Much of the godfather’s role from the book had been cut out of the script and movie production, yet being the title character he had to possess a certain gravitas that could be felt throughout the movie. Mario Puzo had Marlon Brando in mind when he wrote his book and easily swayed Coppola and producer Albert Ruddy who said, “The Don is in the movie no more than 30 percent of the time but we had to have an actor with the power and mystique to permeate those scenes in which he did not appear. Brando has that blunt power." However, Brando was a hard sell to the studio. Brando had a series of movie “flops” and was known to be a bit of a…

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