The Godfather music

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Music from the Godfather Trilogy The Godfather opens with a dark trumpet solo, which were the opening titles for The Godfather Part II and III too. This is Vito's theme. The theme is a waltz, but unlike an ordinary waltz, it evokes a range of varied emotions. It sounds intimate in the garden scene but threatening in the actual main title and "The Halls of Fear," for the scene in which Michael finds his father without protection in the hospital. The final appearance of the theme in the first film is over the end credits, where it is more sad than intimate or threatening. The Baptism The baptism scene is where Michael kills all of his enemies while he attends his nephew's baptism as his godfather. In this brilliant piece of music,…show more content…
In Godfather part 2, when the procession happens in the street, the crowds break into dancing to this piece of music. This piece is very Italian and it fits well with the scene, because you feel how close the community is to one another and it shows just how happy and lively the people are. Kays’ Theme “Kay’s Theme” is a piece of music which, just like “Michael’s Theme”, is kind of a leitmotif but for Kay this time. It is a romantic yet melancholy theme which depicts Kay’s troubled life very well. This piece of music is heard in Godfather Part II and was composed by Nino Rota. A New Carpet This piece of music was composed, yet again, by Nino Rota and if the background music for the scene in Godfather Part II, when Vito (when he was young) and Clemenza steal a carpet for Vito’s small flat. Unlike the other music pieces described above, this one exaggerates the humour in the scene and makes it funnier to watch, which is what Nino Rota was trying to achieve. Overall, the music in the Godfather Trilogy fits perfectly with whichever scene it is in or whatever mood it is trying to convey. Nino Rota and Carmine Coppola, the main composers in this film, are very talented and good at what they do. In my opinion, “Speak Softly Love” is the best piece of music in the film because of the meaning that has been put into it and all of the emotions that come out of it. The Godfather Trilogy has some unforgettable and legendary music themes. The
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