The Gods Must Be Crazy

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“The Gods Must Be Crazy,” begins with an isolated tribe living happy in Africa. This happiness changes when a mysterious Coca-Cola bottle falls from the sky. The object brought anger and jealousy to the family. The tribal leader decided that this object must disappear. So, he travels to discard this evil thing. Along his journey to the edge of the earth, he encounters a clumsy scientist and the beginning of a revolt. The scientist and the traveler notice a school teacher and many children held hostage. They devise a plan to take down the rebels and save the captives. He plays a huge part in the rescue, then once he is no longer needed, he proceeds to his original goal. The man walked to what he thought to be the end of the earth and threw the evil thing off the edge.

The non-verbal communication includes gestures that everyone but the tribal leader could interpret. He was going into this civilization completely blind of the progression of the world. He was blind because his tribe is an isolated group who share history, language, and culture. The understanding of non-verbal communication is different when someone has a different cultural background. Neither side can identify with the other. Ethnicity effects communcation in this movie because of different cultural experiences.

In the beginning of the movie, the tribes culture becomes apparant. Their language is different than any other. The tribe does not seem to do anything outside of providing for themselves. Everything
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