The God's Script Short Story

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“The God’s Script,” by Jorge Luis Borges, is representing the structure of knowledge through a dream of Tzinacán, the central character, and the narrative presence of the jaguar. Borges wrote the short story to describe Tzinacán’s dream of the “god’s script,” a language that would help him fulfill his destiny while he is imprisoned: his destiny is to be able to die in peace. Tzinacán is a magician of the pyramid of Qaholom. He can survive torture in silence; he will never lose hope. In this short story, Borges is trying to say the dreams reveal knowledge of things that can come to reality. Tzinacán, the central character, is a magician. A magician has powers and can do many tricks with those powers. The magician of Qaholom goes through…show more content…
He knows he will not see daylight again besides the split second of light through the openings. However, Tzinacán’s gods also give him hope for his destiny in prison. One of his gods is represented as the pyramid of Qaholom, that is burned and demolished. As he said, “They struck down the idol of the god before my very eyes, but he did not abandon me and I endured the torments in silence” (169). When he talks about the pyramid, he seems like he is more pleased that his gods are here with him instead of completely disappearing. He clearly stated that they are not abandoning him; even though he is being tortured, they do not leave his side. The impressions of the things that are happening to him are like the things that happen to his gods. Tzinacán senses that the things he thinks about represent furthering his knowledge, getting him closer to knowing his god’s script. He knows of the script, but wants more structured knowledge of and the whereabouts of the script. As he stated, “The fact that a prison confined me did not forbid my hope; perhaps I had seen the script of Qaholom a thousand times and needed only to fathom it” (170). He reflects that it is only right that the gods are leaving access to the script to him to have as part his destiny. From the tone of the story, the knowledge he has of his gods
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