The Golden Age Hospital

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The Golden Age Hospital At The Golden Age hospital our patients are always celebrated, not tolerated. The Golden Age hospital provides innovative strategies in design, human resources, management, and customer service. Our patient’s idea of a hospital visit will never be the same. We will give our patience an experience that could be the best of their life.
Hospital Design The Golden Age hospital will be located in between North and East Buffalo. The Golden Age hospital will not be your typical hospital building. The building will be a 10 story building in the design of a castle. There will be 300 rooms available including 20 operating rooms. Instead of having just elevators inside, there will be elevators on the outside of the building as well. For emergencies, the widows will big enough so that the patients who use the outside elevator can enter through the widows. There will be a separated space just for these entrances, so there will be no disturbance to the staff and patients. There will be four ground entrances and five window entrances. The design for the inside of the hospital will have five themes. Every two floors will have the same theme. The themes will include the nightlife floors, the playground floors, the movie floors, the tranquility floors, and the sky floors. The nightlife floors will have rooms designed like a club or a bar. There will be dim lights, fun music, plush beds and couches, and floor length curtains. The playground floors will be for
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