The Golden Age Of Cooking Essay

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There was an automatic click when food appeared on TV. There is no way to watch television without seeing a food that can make a person’s mouth water. The idea sparked to carry cooking on to television, starting as a simple way to share recipes, tips, and tricks with home-making mothers over the radio; the food and cooking industry has developed into a full-fledged entertainment basis for many Americans today. The evolution of cooking is positively influenced by the introduction of television and technology on American culture. How we cook food has been one of the biggest changes. Prior to the 1950s, cooking was not about being creative or enjoying cooking, although some did; was a necessity required to live. For many people, there has been a shift in cooking; if a person does not wish to cook they do not have to. Cooking has become a more enjoyable task, it is not necessarily a requirement of survival. Unless a person was a…show more content…
Amanda Watson Schnetzer, a researcher at the American Enterprise Institute, identifies a deep description of the concept in “The Golden Age of Cooking” by stating “Americans today… have never been more obsessed with food, glorious food. At no other time has America enjoyed as many restaurants, touted as many celebrity chefs, published as many cook books and magazines…” (). The list continues as Schnetzer list everything food related that American is crazy for. She also analyzes the meaning of the “new American cuisine” (Schnetzer). This cuisine has been around since colonial days and changes often. There is not a set menu to American food. If a person goes to two different restaurants that both claim to serve American cuisine, they might get two completely different menus. Even though this cuisine is considered American, it pulls elements from cultures all over the world the same way everything in American culture does. This is the true melting pot of
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