The Golden Age Of Destruction

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The Golden Age of Destruction The period between the fifteenth and sixteenth century was an era of European expansion on the Western World. Europeans have made many discoveries during their travels and also influenced every civilizations they had come across. This period of expansion, however, can be seen more as an age of destruction rather than an age of discovery. The Europeans have left a trail of negative effects on every route they took – the Americas, Africa, and including their own continent, Europe. The Effects on the Americas Prior to colonization, the Americas was a land of many flourishing civilizations, from the Olmec to the Inka. Each one of these civilizations had their own set of laws and social order. Although they developed at a slower rate than European civilizations due to isolation from the rest of the world, they had managed to establish strong empires such as the Mayans and the Aztecs. Their artistic enthusiasm was as sophisticated as the other part of the world which was evident in works like the Olmec’s’ massive stone heads and the Teotihuacán’s’ Pyramid of the Sun. They also developed independent system of communication such as the Mayan’s hieroglyph and Inka’s system of knotted strings to keep records – quipu (Duiker & Spielvogel). However, there are not many left of the development and cultures of these civilizations. When Christopher Columbus first arrived in the Americas in 1492, it was the beginning of the end for of the civilizations in the
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