The Golden Age Of Drug Trafficking

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In this current day, we are considered to be living in the “golden age of drug trafficking”. In 2016, top officials and diplomats from governments all over the world met at the United Nations headquarters to figure out what do to about the worldwide drug trafficking problem. Over various days of the discussions, they came to the conclusion to make a more extensive advancement and approach, but continue to keep conducting the war on drugs. They developed an “outcome document” that orders countries to restrict, prevent and conflict drug related crime. This will be done by disturbing the trafficking, production, manufacturing and cultivation of drugs such as cocaine, methamphetamine, heroin and other banned substances. The UN’s data presents that the “supply-oriented” stand to battling the trafficking of drugs has ld to a consistency of failure. The data also shows that even the billions of dollars that has been spent attempting to exterminate illicit crops, seize loads of drug produce and detain traffickers has led to more worldwide drug use and production than ever. It has also been noted that while these drug treaties continue to not be changes, the pace and evolution of organized crime has been moving right beside the global economy. Progression in transportation, technology and options of travel have been an addition to the capability and productivity of the global economy. To be exact, globalization has driven and fueled this bursted outbreak of the illegal drug trade.

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