The Golden Age Of Technology

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This is the golden age of technology. Nowadays, advancements such as the internet and the computer are part of everyday life. Still, this developing form of communication can cause a drastic increase in new problems and issues that need to faced. The Constitution of the United States gives every person the right to free speech, as listed in the First Amendment. The freedom of speech grants citizens the power to say what they want without getting punished by the government. Nevertheless, there are limits to this right. The question of when the freedom of speech applies remains controversial. The Background Essay: Should Schools Be Allowed to Limit Students’ Online Speech? addresses the case Gitlow v. New York. The Supreme Court ruled…show more content…
Although the internet is not school property, it makes sense that schools should hold the ability to establish boundaries that limit students’ online speech. The reason being that a limitless voice online can cause disruptions to the school environment, cyberbullying, and an infringement of a school’s responsibility to protect their students. A disturbance in the virtual world can result in a commotion in the real world. For example, if a person were to be criticized online, it is likely that they will contemplate it the rest of the day. Document D highlights J.S. v. Blue Mountain School District. During this case, the school suspends J.S. for posting negative content about her principal, James McGonigle. Nunemacher, a math teacher, reported constant talking during class due to what J.S. had posted. It is argued that talking was usual within Nunemacher’s class, so the suspension of J.S. was against her First Amendment rights. However, the fact that talking during class is “normal” should not be a deciding factor in this matter. There are multiple other disruptions that J.S. has caused that are not as apparent as the chatter Nunemacher described. This can include a decrease in students’, teachers’, and the principal’s performance. Work may not be completed efficiently. Thoughts and actions may take a negative turn. The list goes on. Of course, the issues do not stop here. Problems in the classroom can affect everyone (worried parents, concerned
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