The Golden Basketball Necklace : The Golden Basketball Game

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The Golden Basketball Necklace Running into the gym with my team, knowing it was my last middle school basketball game, but the first championship game I felt elated and truly blessed. My knees quivered with anticipation after seeing all the bleachers filled with people. After realizing even the press and other media was in attendance I grasped the moment like a newly elected president at his inauguration. I am warming up doing basketball drills, when I began to look at the flags on the gym wall depicting the history of the basketball team. The years and dates of the last championship game, Historically a championship game had not been won since 2007 . The more I stared at the flags, the more it made me want to win this game and make history in this gym. As the crowd and cheerleaders start to chant, cheer and get loud, I started to feel more comfortable and rowdy more than I had ever felt in any other game that I’ve played. Waiting for the referee to blow the whistle for jump ball to start. I felt my fingertips tapping the side of my leg, which for some reason gives me a sign to me that I am pumped up and ready to play! As the referee blew the whistle, it was game time! My teammate was on her tip toes already in motion to jump, she jumped and smacked the ball before the other opponent could even get a chance to jump! The ball came my way and I dribbled the ball three times, crossed doubled between my legs two times, I lingered up, did the Lebron James basketball
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