The Golden Bird: A Story Rewrite

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ONCE UPON A TIME, there lived a King who had a tree that grew golden apples. One day the King found someone had stolen one of the apples. That night he sent his eldest son into the garden, but at midnight he fell fast asleep, and in the morning another apple was missing. The following night the second son had to watch and another apple was missing.

The youngest son was eager to catch the thief. He sat under the tree and did not fall asleep. When the clock struck twelve a bird with shiny gold feathers landed on a tree branch ready to pick off one of the golden apples. The young prince shot an arrow knocking off one of the feathers. The next morning he shows the King the golden feather.

The King calls a meeting of his financial council, saying, “One feather is not of much use to me.” He sends his eldest son to look for the golden bird. As he travels he meets a fox sitting close to the edge of the forest. The fox says “I will give you good advice.” The son said,” How can an animal give me advice?” He threw a rock at the fox, but missed as the fox ran into the woods. The son came to a village with two inns. In one there was dancing and singing, but the other was quiet. He went into the merry inn and forgot about the golden bird, and his father. When the eldest son did not return home, the second son went out to find the golden bird. He met the fox, did not follow his advice and went to join his brother at the inn.

A long time passed then the King let the youngest prince go

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