The Golden Gate Bridge: Those Who Attempt To End Their Lives

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Net or Death
The Golden Gate Bridge has been one of the most popular spots on planet earth for those who attempt to end their lives. While some people had been stopped by bystanders or by bridge workers, there have been successful jumpers that couldn't be stopped. With a wide history of citizens going to the Golden Gate Bridge to commit suicide, certain people have decided to put a steel net along both sides of the bridge.
Background Information
The Golden Gate Bridge is a 1.7 mile long bridge that crosses over that San Francisco Bay and the Pacific Ocean. The bridge connects San Francisco and Marin County in California. The bridge is one of the most recognized symbols of California. According to the History Channel before the bridge was built
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Once the construction began workers risked their lives every day facing the challenges of high winds, ocean currents, and fog. Eleven total workers died in the making of the bridge, ten people all in one day on February 17, 1937 when the scaffolding fell through the safety net. Other than the issues that had gotten in the way, the Golden Gate Bridge was completed in 4 years on May 27, 1937. Roughly about 200,000 people had come to celebrate the opening of the bridge. That following day, President Roosevelt signaled to the world that the bridge was open to traffic. The Golden Gate Bridge remained the longest bridge until 1964 when it was passed by sixty feet from the Verrazano-Bridge in New York City. (History…show more content…
Rosen spoke with seven men and one female who had survived the horrific jump. The age range of the survivors is 16-36. One of the survivors stated “I was attracted to the bridge-an affinity between me, the Golden Gate Bridge, and death” after being asked why they chose this method to end their lives. There was one overall reason why each person had decided to jump, loneliness. The survivors “felt alone,” “depressed and confused,” and “depressed and worthless.” One survivor stated “Before i jumped I was agnostic-no real belief in God. After the jump I became fully Christian, I believe in God and Jesus Christ.” This individual believes that right before the jump the disciples and Christ were around him. Close to the end of the interview each survivor was told about the net going up around the bridge, everyone was in favor. (From the passage “Suicide
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