The Golden Princess Persuasive Speech

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As the princess waves her hand slightly to the right, signaling that the young man should choose the right door, the man starts to cautiously make his way towards it. Just before he could grab the silver lever, he thinks to himself, “What if the princess knew I was going to pick the right door leading me to the lady, instead of leading me to the ferocious man-eating tiger? Why would she want me to be with another woman whom she thinks is dire? I cannot go through with this barbaric decision.” In one instant, the young man turns swiftly to look back at the Princess, who is staring at him with fear and softly mouthing to him, “Choose the right door.“ He disregards her and turns to the left door, which is latched by an enormous silver lever and he opens it with ease. While the young man tries to see through the blackness, the princess quietly gets up from her seat and sneaks out of the arena.
The crowd gasps and cheers as the young man and the beating red tiger’s eyes meet. The man’s palms start sweating as the the orange and black beast slowly backs him into the door of from which he entered. Looking above him, he sees that the crowd as well as the king, are smiling and laughing at him as if it was amusing, but the princess is nowhere in sight. As the young man starts to scan the crowd for the princess, his thoughts are broken by an enormous bang! Just as the young man backs into the corner of the opposite end of where he and the tiger met, the princess swings the door open

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