The Gomics : The Story Of Brocuse's War

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“Bring in the reserves!” Brocuse ordered feebly, leaning heavily against his soldiers. One of his men nodded and brought up a magical receiver to send a message, but another warrior dashed into the ruins of the castle, screaming. “Sir! Enemy contact! While we were holding position around the filthy human’s castle, a new enemy force numbering around four thousand appeared and surrounded us! They’re slaughtering our rearguard and cutting off our routes of retreat!” Brocuse’s face turned pale when he heard that. Trembling violently, he turned toward me in disbelief. I shrugged. “To be exact, it’s four thousand, four hundred ad forty-four enemy soldiers,” I told him, unable to keep the glee out of my voice. “They aren’t as advanced or…show more content…
A wise decision. If they had attempted to exited, they would be caught in the massacre outside and torn apart by the countless projectiles or disintegrated by energy blasts containing the power of a sun. Furthermore, for over four thousand enemy constructs to appear out of nowhere, this was no coincidence. Brocuse understood that I had deliberately held such an overwhelming force in reserve and tricked them into overconfidently sieging my castle just so I could toy with them. “I…surrender.” His shoulders slumping, Brocuse looked wearily up at me as my titan stomped toward him. Shrugging off his subordinates despite their protests, Brocuse staggered toward me and raised both his hands in surrender. “You can kill me. Take my life. But in exchange, please spare my subordinates.” In a flash, I slashed through the final surviving subordinates of Brocuse with the beam katana, leaving only him alive. Spluttering in shock from my response, Brocuse stumbled back and fell onto his rump, a look of absolute horror etched across his face. “Y…you…” “You seem to be misunderstanding something.” Matsukaze’s hatch opened and I emerged from the cockpit to look down scornfully at the fallen Brocuse. “I already offered you the chance to surrender. You spurned it. Very condescendingly, I might add. And now that you’re defeated, you wish to submit? It’s too late.” Brocuse’s mouth opened and closed like a goldfish, but no words came out. His eyes darkened, sinking into

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