The Good And Bad Of Genetically Modified Organisms ( Gmos )

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Source analysis 2: Online article Bibliography Carrington College Carrington Author 2013, ‘Genetically Modified Food (GMO) – The Good, The Bad and The Ugly’, Blog post, 23 October, accessed 7 May 2016, . Summery This source outline and analysis the argument between the good and bad of genetically modified organisms (GMOs) on the. Reliability This source is quite reliable because it got many references. The blog is written base on many studies around the world. Also, this blog was published by Carrington Colleges, which is a for – profit private colleges in the US. Thereby, the post is written base on some professional knowledge in colleges. Besides that, the post was published on 2013, so it is quite recent. Hence, the source is quite…show more content…
Large companies of GMOs had not sued any farmers for trace amount of GM crops Large GMO companies can sue farmers for growing their seeds without paying royalties - Many studies proved that GM crops have increasesed the pesticide use - Blood test for 69 women in Quebec which 30 of them pregnant found pesticides associated with GM foods circulating in their bodies and their foetuses’ babies - GM seed is expensive because they need to pay the royalties Relationship between this source to the source I read before - This source supported that poor farmers may not be able to afford to but new seeds every year as sources 1. This source also adds some information about that which farmers need to pay royalties to the GMO companies to use. If not, they may be sued by the company - This source also mentions about the safety of GMOs as source 1. This blog post mentioned that there is some organization support that GM food is safe which agree with the statement in source 1. While, the post also provided the information that GMOs may affect human health in some way which was proved by animal testing. Thereby, the source also disagrees with the information I found in source 1 New idea - If GMOs increase the herbicide used or decrease - Is there any effect of GMOs on human’s health? - Why GM seeds is so expensive? Further research - The impact of GMOs on human’s health - The effect of GMOs on the amount of herbicide used and the reason
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