The Good And Bad Reasons Of Nero: A Bad Leader

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Rome was one of the biggest and most powerful cities in the Europe and ruled by many good and bad rulers. Nero was considered to be a bad leader for many reasons, mostly bad. Although Nero did many bad things he also did some good for Rome and did not intentionally destroy Rome. During Nero’s early life he lived a rough life for a period of time when his mother was banished and Nero had to go with her. Nero was born in 37 AD in a small town fifty miles away from Rome.(“Nero” 45) When Nero was two, his mother was banished by Caligula to the Pontian Islands, and his inheritance was then seized when his father died one year later.(“Nero Claudius Druses Germanicus”) After Caligula had died Nero and his mother were allowed to return to Rome. Nero was the son of Agrippina, the great-granddaughter of Augustus, who married emperor Claudius.(“Nero” 45) In AD 50, Agrippina persuaded Claudius to adopt Nero and make him his own son.(“Nero Claudius Druses Germanicus”) Claudius was so in love with Agrippina that he favored Nero over his own son. In AD 51,…show more content…
Nero’s greatest notoriety came in the wake of the terrible fire that devastated about two-thirds of the capital city.(“Nero”) Soon after he organized shelters for the homeless and launched ambitious rebuilding projects. (“Nero”) After many years of dealing with Nero, everyone was done putting up with him. In AD 68, the Roman army rebelled against Nero, trying to kill him.(“Ancient Greece”) Once Nero found out about the citizens planning his assassination, he responded by torturing, executing, and executing hundreds of people.(“Nero”) Not thinking, Nero ran away from Rome. Fleeing in disguise to a villa a few miles north of the city, Nero took his own life after realizing the Roman soldiers hunting him down, were closing in on him.(“Nero”) Instead of Nero retaining power, he fled from Rome and committed
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