The Good Boy - Original Writing

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The Good Boy
(1,885 words) In the east-facing kitchen of the tall white farmhouse it was the slow and quiet hour or two between breakfast and noon dinner, the main meal of the day.
I sat with my Aunt Lila who was crippled as a child from polio, at the walnut table by the two windows that let you see the lawn and my grandmother’s rose garden and the Black Mission fig tree. My Grandmother Georgia, who was born on a cattle ranch near Alma, New Mexico, before her parents left for California in 1896, sat by the phone, listening to an unnamed caller as Lila watched her. I looked out past the fig’s giant hand-like leaves, down the long vine rows and above them at the cradle of high Sierras where the sun rose each morning, Georgia and Lila’s faces reflected dimly in the glass behind my own.
“Yes, I will,” Georgia said finally. “You too, Della.”She set down the black receiver in the alcove of the corner cupboard. She hesitated a minute, before she stood and took the straight-backed chair next to Lila, who waited to hear what Della had said. For half an hour my grandmother hadn’t spoken more than a few words, only now and then saying, “Well – ” or “Goodness – ”
“It was Della?” Lila asked. “Yes. She told me about Claire White. And the boy. You know it’s been a month.” “I know,” Lila answered. “I’ve thought of Claire. She never had children. Now at her age.

The Good Boy –

What did Della say?” “He’s her grandnephew. The son of Claire’s sister’s boy.” “Yes,” Lila said. “Mable had…

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