The Good Food Revolution?

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In The Good Food Revolution (2012), Allen’s most concern is how to make healthy food system in this Nation. He wants all people should learn to grow some food in their backyard or on their garden. He wants people should not forget how to produce food, not even that he teaches the young kids and adult how to produce healthy fresh food in small area. As he said in the book, people are dying at early age because of not having healthy food. At early age people are going through Diabetics and unhealthy illness. The most important question is how to solve the problem by easiest method? In our community, there is a little space in the backyard or beside of each house where you can grow sufficient food for the family. Thing is how to solve this issue by making a small garden around each house and make a better health or food system. According to the Vegetables Gardening for the Beginner “Growing your own vegetables is both fun and rewarding” ( Touching the original soil is totally different feeling, it’s also fun in working in garden, but some people make it difficult. That’s right, people make it complicated when it’s time to grow some organic food and blame their self later when they get sick from the unhealthy food. To make garden for beginner is kind of challenging but pretty interesting learning the method to grow food. Growing fresh food is not easy, you have to learn to be patient. It’s not gonna grow overnight and ready in a plate for tomorrow morning
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