The Good Ghanaian Society

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The Good Ghanaian Society While the end of that search [of the Good Society] remains elusive, I am convinced that the search itself isn’t illusive. –James O’toole What constitutes a good society to each and every individual within that society would be a different answer. This is because we speak different tongues, desire different ends, and have different basic assumptions about where the Ghanaian society, and the corporations we work in, should be heading. Despite this kaleidoscope of opinions, fortunately there is a unifying point of agreement: ‘the task of every legitimate government is to secure a good society for its citizens.’ Nearly every political and economic philosopher from the time of Aristotle to Max Weber has agreed that…show more content…
So what pillars separate Nkrumah from Wiredu and Wiredu from John Kufour? These as noted earlier are Equality, Efficiency, Community and Liberty. (O'Toole, the Executive Compass , 1993). In this essay, each of the poles will be analyzed in depth and the main proponents considered and how each of these poles have developed over time, history and space. After explaining what each pole consists of, each of these are going to be used to show how the tensions are inherent in the Ghanaian society and how the author, hope to contribute to the Good Ghanaian Society. LIBERTY Freedom and liberty have embodied most political philosopher’s ideals of a Good Society. The roots of liberty can be traced from the beginning of civilization and has evolved to form what is today enshrined in the ideology of Libertarianism. This ideology encompasses principles that pertain to both political and economic liberty. The fundamental Libertarian principle recognizes equal rights to freedom which is representative of the essence of human liberty. The genesis of liberty can be traced from Aristotle who believed in rulership by the small class of freemen and equals. Plato on the other hand was no lover of liberty in the fullest sense of the word. To him the good society was one led by
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