The Good Lady Ducayne By Mary Elizabeth Braddon

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A vampire is defined as “a prenatural being of a malignant nature, supposed to seek nourishment, or do harm, by sucking the blood of sleeping persons;” (1). Whereas a parasite is defined as “a person who lives at the expense of another, or society in general;” (2). A sleeping persons can be interpreted as an innocent person, this is due to countless stories and lore depicting vampires stealing the blood of conscious innocent persons. Therefore, by doing harm to the innocent, a vampire is living at the expense of the humans whose blood it steals, making vampires a form of parasite. In The Good Lady Ducayne, by Mary Elizabeth Braddon, Lady Ducayne is genetically a human, but her mind has become fixated on life. By exploiting technology, her moral and ethical standards change, allowing for her personal relationships to become meaningless in her search for an elongated life. She goes so far as to steal the blood of young girls; this act of stealing innocent girls blood at their own expense, makes her a special parasite, human vampire. Bella was to become Lady Ducayne’s most recent victim. Needing money to support her mother, she attempted to become the companion to a lady. She was told “You see, you are so very uninformed—so much too young to be the companion to a lady of position.” (3, 81) Uninformed can be replaced with the word uneducated; when a person is uneducated, they are in a state of innocence. For Bella lacked the knowledge required to actually be the

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