The Good Life: Various Views and Ways to Achieve It

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The Good Life: Various Views and Ways to Achieve It PHI200: Mind and Machine The Good Life: Various Views and Ways to Achieve It Money, clothes, cars, houses, and even marriage – these are all things that some may consider to determine whether or not they are living the “good life.” Others may view the good life as being able to enjoy nature every day, being able to run and jump, or even being able to read as many books as they please. Whatever one’s view of having or living the good life may be, there are certain assets or factors in their lives that makes them believe that their lives are good. There are also certain things they did, qualities they possess or steps they took to get to their good-life status. Different people…show more content…
Of course there has not been a definition to the concept of the good life proven to be 100% accurate, but that doesn’t stop people from believing in the good life or trying to do those things that could guarantee them the good life. If philosophers can narrow down their argument over what the good life truly means to three definitions, perfectionism, the Preference Theory, and hedonism, then of course there are more arguments out there on what the good life truly means and what it takes to achieve it. Also, there are certainly real-life situations in the world that either challenge or support each of these three definitions. One real-life situation that would put these definitions to the test is if something detrimental happened in a person’s life that may affect their opportunity at the good life, as defined within the three definitions. For example, some may wonder if a person can still the good life according to one of the three definitions philosophers have provided if the person has been physically injured. Is perfectionism still an option with a broken arm? Does having an injury or illness make one unable to believe in the Preference theory? Can one still try to do all things that pleasure them and avoid pain, or practice hedonism, if they are seriously injured? Perhaps the injury itself makes none of
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