The Good News Is You 're The Pilot

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Tick---- Tick ------ Tiicckkk!! “The bad news is time flies. The good news is you’re the pilot.” - Michael Altshuler. Choosing between a competitive and tough high school and a less challenging high school, I chose the challenging high school as my first choice. Being a new student and resident in the U.S., I wasn 't accepted to my first choice of high school due to lack of English skills and fluency. I decided to improve my English skills and was glad to at least apply to a high school above my level. I like taking challenges and produce my best, but a problem I have in terms of academics is time management. Moving to a different country brought many changes in my life. Living in my native country, India, I never discerned my…show more content…
It led to problems like no more early morning waking ups and going to school on time. On one of the school days, my mother picked me up from after school program at Francisco Middle School. On my way, I was thinking of all the time I spend on my homework. I thought distressingly, “how come I never get enough time for everything I want to do?” As soon as we arrived home, I started working on my homework. I went over every subject carefully. The heater was on as well as the study light. The weather outside the window seemed cold and cloudy. I did finish my work as usual but the only thing I was still worried about was the time. Why did it take me too long to finish the same homework as my classmates? On the next day, I interviewed my classmates - who were excellent students. My eyes were on stalks when my friends said the following: “I do my homework, while watching T.V…...Saves me some time ” “I finish it usually in 1 hour and you????” “It takes me till 10:00 at the most” “I finish it at school…...I’ve sports so….” My face was stunned after all these numerous replies. I thought, “ They even get time to watch T.V., and to have fun…. But at least, I’m not a multi tasker.” I ended up finding a reason behind my weakness. I figured out that, “because I never had an experience with time mangement skills, and as the school environment is new
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