The Good Old Days

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The Good Old Days
It is known fact that the study of fashion design is influenced by the cultural and social activities which is different in different areas and over different time span. Designers generally try to design clothing that will not only be functional but also pleasing aesthetically. The wearing for a garment depends on the person who is to wear it and also the occasion it will be worn in. A wide range of patterns, styles and colors are required to come up with perfect garment. Throughout the years the style statements, fashion industry has changed a great deal.
In this research a demographic profile of single women of Australia within the age group of 20 to 30 years has been taken to study the experiences, values and opportunities of these women group and a comparison has been made with the single women within the age group of 20 to 30 years living fifty years ago in the year 1964. The differences in the cultures, the existing society and the ethical values of the two generations have been compared along with their fashion styles and designs.
Culture and society of young Australian women of 1964
During the 1960s there was a lot of political, social as well as cultural upheaval in the country. This had a great influence on the young women of Australia (Carment, 2004). The young generation for the first time challenged the years old values and morals of their previous generations and whole heartedly supported the decisions taken by the government.
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