The Good Posture And An Eloquent Speech

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This article asserts that those who command high leadership positions may not have entirely earned his or her leadership position based solely on merit, but based on superficial aspects as well. The superficial aspects encompass multiple facets of a leader 's look. More specifically, the "looks" in this case include physical characteristics, verbal characteristics, and behaviors. The physical characteristics include a person 's height, one or a few distinguished gray marks in hair, and a relatively fit body. The verbal characteristics include a deep voice. The behavioral include a good posture and an eloquent speech. The author chooses the job position of CEO 's as the primary subject. Then the author presents statistics and examples that back the fact that although CEO 's are a pretty diverse group, many CEO 's still conform to the positive stereotype. Consequently, the inverse of the stereotype, i.e. negative stereotypes, condemn the person to a non-leadership position.
In the second half of the article, the consideration of whether or not it is possible to eliminate or reduce the habit of promoting people of this certain stereotype is briefly explored. However, the author quickly dismisses this possibility. He or she notes that given an overabundance of very qualified candidates with perfect CV 's, any positive differentiation makes all the difference. Likewise, introducing quotas for CEO 's may have unintentionally negative consequences, such as resulting in tokenism.…
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